Man and woman walking with their dogs in Wingo Outdoors Dog Harness and Leash with the Teton Mountains in the background

Which Dog Harness is Right for Your Pup?

The good news is, there's no wrong answer. Check out the harnesses we offer for your furry friends: the Ollie 2-in-1, the Monty, and the Suzie. All available in a variety of colors and patterns to fit the personality of you and your pup!

Black and White Dog in the Wingo Outdoors Monty Dog Harness

For the Trail Runner: Is your pup your number one running or hiking partner? Do they pull when on a leash sometimes? The Monty Harness is the one for you. The breathable spacer mesh to keep your pup comfortable, an oversized handle on the back in case you need a quick additional hand on your pup is great for every trail, from the local greenway to up in the mountains. With two oversized o-rings - one on the front and one on the back - the Monty Harness is adjustable, and designed to help guide the dog towards you when they pull. 


For The Dog That Always Pulls: Designed with your pets safety in mind, the Suzie Harness is the perfect choice for discerning pet owners. It's "Step-In" style, with two oversized o-rings for lead attachment, allows for pressure to be distributed around your dogs chest instead of directly on the throat. The adjustable slide tension lock provides a secure fit for your pup, with Hi-Viz piping for those nighttime walks. 

For the Dogs On the Go: Does your dog wear a collar around the house but need the security of a harness for walks? The Ollie 2-in-1 Harness with detachable collar was designed for you. With two easy-to-secure attachments, this harness shifts quickly and easy from collar mode to harness mode - check out a quick tutorial on the Ollie Harness here. Inside, outside or all over town, this versatile harness or collar is the option you want.

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