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    Wingo Custom Program

    Wingo Outdoors is a leader in custom designed and manufactured accessories and gear within the fly fishing industry.  The Wingo Custom Program is designed for any retailer, manufacturer, non-profit, or organization/individual interested in designing their own custom Wingo Outdoor products.  We built our Custom Program on three pillars:

    • Any design
    • Any quantity (low or high)
    • Fast lead times

    Whether you are a small organization or a massive one, let Wingo Outdoors handle your accessories development and production.  Some of our custom products include:

    • Wading Belts
    • Everyday Belts
    • Dog Collars
    • Leashes
    • Lanyards
    • Cam Straps
    • Key Fobs
    • Reel Cases
    • Socks
    • Eyewear Retainers
    • Neck Gaiters
    • Much More!

    To get started, email us (info@wingooutdoors.com) about your custom project or give us a call: 413-346-4002.  We'll go over specifics, costs, designs, schedule, and any other questions.  We look forward to working with you! 

    Check out some of our recent work below:

    To get started, email us about your custom project or fill out the form below.  We'll email you back with specifics about your project within two days.