Our Story

The origin of Wingo Outdoors comes from our deep seeded passion for spending as much time outside as possible. After dedicating a decade to designing, manufacturing, and selling unique and eye-catching fly fishing reels, the founders of Cheeky Fishing identified a parallel opportunity within the fishing space. Since the beginning, the wading belt has been a simple, usually black, belt used to keep anglers safe while wading through deep water. While often an afterthought, this functional and vital piece of equipment was due for a makeover. And so that's what we did.


Really, it all started with a handful of belts. Rather than the same old black belts, we infused our passion for fishing into our work by developing a small collection of assembled in the USA wading belts showcasing our favorite species of trout. We understood the outdoors community to be a passionate group and we wanted to give adventures the ability to show off that passion in ways unique to them. Shortly after the launch of our first line of belts, we introduced gear for your four-legged friends. Our outdoors inspired dog collars and leashes were developed to keep up with you and your pets, adventure after adventure.  

We quickly learned that passion for the outdoors isn’t limited to the type of fish we seek. From hunting, to hiking, to mountaineering, skiing,paddle sports and camping, the love of exploring the outdoors has a wide reach. In 2016 we launched new collections of belts and dog products that let you proudly showcase the activities and sceneries that inspire you to be outside ... 

In 2018, we expanded further. We had evolved into something much bigger than just a belt company. Today, we are delivering an expansive, high-quality line of products ranging from hats and lanyards, to socks and belts, to tote bags, tees, dog products, and more! We continue to innovate and expand on our products to fuel our passion and yours for that next life-changing adventure. From new product launches, to exclusive collaborations with artists like Derek DeYoung, we aim to build a company that allows you to bring a little bit of the outdoors with you everywhere you go. We can’t wait for you to be a part of it.