Wingo Gift Guide: Staff Picks

Here at Wingo Outdoors we love adventure, we love our furry buddies, and most of all we love wearing our wild side. Check out Team Wingo's Gift Guide with our favorite Wingo products below! 

Ted Upton: CEO & Founder

Favorite Wingo Product: Convertible Blanket
Why: I love the Wingo Convertible Blanket because of everything it can do. The combination of comfort, versatility (think foot pouch, pillow, clips to wrap up), and innovative design has made it a well-loved & fought over item in my household, from human family members to lounging pets!

Scott Doty: Director of Sales

Favorite Wingo Product:  Basecamp Belts
Why: I dig the Basecamp Rev Belt because it's both functional and fashionable. (...and I need all the help I can get in the latter department)  I wear the pattern side out when I want show some flair and the solid color when I want to tone it down.  And the new 1" wide version (New for 2024!) is great when I want to slim it down.  It also doubles as a great cinch strap to secure gear!

Ellen Wright: Marketing Manager

Favorite Wingo Product: Dog Collar
I've loved the Wingo Dog Collars for years - before I even joined the Wingo team! They are lightweight, and with the water and abrasion resistant polyester, my chocolate lab Goose can wear them on every adventure (and he does!) without me worrying they will break or start to smell bad. Plus all of the patterns are incredible - I switch out his collar & leash patterns all the time from fishy to river to outdoor-scapes

Emma Andrews: Warehouse Associate

Favorite Wingo Pattern: Rolling Seas
Rolling Seas! It's currently my favorite (wearing it on my wading belt!) and I love the color variety with blues, whites and pinks. The details with the color scheme is so pretty.


Walker Crisp: Dealer Support & Sales Associate Manager

Favorite Wingo Product: Dog Leash
Why: The Wingo Dog Leashes are perfect for Bowie! The different pattern options let me mix and match depending on what we're doing, the 6ft length is perfect for adventures out on the trail or around town, and Bowie loves them too - he runs to his leash when it is time for a walk. 

Aaron Jacobsen: Director of Product

Favorite Wingo Product: Neoprene Lunch Pack
Why: The Neoprene lunch pack in brown trout.  I love the lunch pack.  It’s compact and lightweight.  It keeps everything dry and fits a coolerpack for when I want to keep things cold.

Sam DeMatteo: Warehouse Associate Manager

Favorite Wingo Pattern: Brown Trout
Why: It's the most common fish I catch where I live, so I am very attached to it. I like how it has hints of dark green with the brown and of course signature red spots. I also like how many different Wingo items come in this pattern!

Renee Ridberg: Director of Operations

Favorite Wingo Product: Microfiber Towels
Why: I love Wingo Microfiber towels because they are super absorbent, wash extremely well and are gorgeous to look at! If I had to pick a favorite towel pattern, it would be our 'Under the Stars' pattern.

Peter Vandergrift: Chief Marketing Officer

Favorite Wingo Pattern: Desertscape
Why: It's hard to choose between all the incredible patterns here at Wingo, but if I had to pick one I'd choose Desertscape. Seemingly forged in fire, the harsh desert expanse and southwest colors blend to form Desertscape, an exclusive design by artist Gretchen Leggitt.