Netting Fish While Fishing Alone

Netting Fish While Fishing Alone

Fishing alone can be a bit more challenging. It seems like we hook into our biggest fish when nobody else is around to help with the net. We all know the familiar feeling of excitement that quickly turns into panic as we try not to lose that trophy fish at the net! Here are some of our strategies we wanted to share while landing fish alone...

Play the fish until it is tired, but not exhausted. Attempting to land a fish that is still too "green" usually ends with broken tippet and failure. At the same time, be careful not to prolong the fight so the fish has the best chance of survival post release. Besides, the longer the fight, the longer the fish has to throw the hook or break the line! 

Set yourself up for success. Find a pocket of calm water to land the fish in. It is safer for you, and easier to net a fish that is not swimming in the current. Also, there will be less water resistance on the net, so you can scoop the fish more swiftly. 

Positioning is key. Lead the fish headfirst into the net. Since fish can't swim backwards, they have fewer options to escape. Use the full leverage of your reach and the rod to bring the fish as close as possible. 

Stay calm! Seeing that trophy fish up close sometimes makes our minds go blank with excitement. The best anglers can balance their excitement with composure. Have fun celebrating when the fish is in the net!




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