When the Fishing is Slow, Take a Breather

When the Fishing is Slow, Take a Breather

It’s easy to get spoiled by good fishing after doing it for a while. As most of us spend more time on the water, we get better at fishing, and become accustomed to catching more fish. After a day of slow fishing, sometimes we catch ourselves dejected, or in a bad mood. However, when this feeling of entitlement to catch fish arises, it is important to pause, and remember why we started fishing in the first place.

Our frame of reference becomes skewed. The first summer I learned to fish as a young kid, I remember coming home elated after spending all day on the water and catching a fish. One day I came home for dinner and told my mom I caught a record of four fish that day! I couldn’t of felt more proud. 

That was twenty years ago, and I have come a long way from those four fish. At the beginning of spring, I took my buddy out for his first time on a river float. We targeted post-spawn pike, which should have guaranteed some nice fish. As luck (or skill) would have it, we did not see a single pike that day.

We pulled the canoe on to the bank to break for lunch. During this breather we realized that it seemed like nature bloomed overnight. After a long winter, we were suddenly surrounded by luscious trees, chirping birds, and all sorts of wildlife coming out to play after hibernation.

Instead of feeling dejected, I remembered those hot summer days as a four-year-old, working hard to catch a single fish. We decided to put away the rods and just paddle along the river to enjoy our surroundings instead. After simply re-adjusting our expectations, our frustrating morning turned into a great day out on the water.

Wingo Outdoors was born out of our appreciation for the outdoors. Our fish themed products represent more than just the fish we catch, because they remind us why we love to fish. Whether you are out on the water having a fish-filled day, or just relaxing and sipping on a few cold ones out of Fish Skin Coozies like we did that afternoon, it is easy to simply get outside and enjoy the outdoors.



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